Close’s practice focuses mostly on drawing and painting at the intersection of mythology and mechanism. They are critical and curious about mechanical rhythms or standardized forms and movement adopted by humans and their artistic research explores this through a cyclical process of creation with various levels of technological influence. This includes maquette-making, collage, and digital manipulation as the basis for drawings/paintings. Close questions the material imprint human-made items or rhythms have on subconscious movement patterns and the process of archiving images in memory. In this vein the artist also explores optics and perception, imagining post-human or non-human-centered locations. They are critical of their own desire for this HD memory and far-seeing visualization skills that the mechanical eye can assumingly provide. They think about subverting this by using human visualization and drawing to observe inaccessible or imagined places. Through the deliberate use of hand-drawing, Close re-evaluates the role of physical engagement, observation, and index in simulated imagery.